Meditasie #27 Een Plesier

Laat rus jou aandag op een plesier – soos ‘n magneet op staal.

As jy wil: Mediteer saam.

Wat is nodig:

Sonder jou af vir 15 minute: 7:50 Inleidende instruksies + 7:12 Begeleide Meditasie.

Gebruik oorfone as jy wil.

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Focus on your practice, let go of distractions. That is your Kleine Weg (Little Way) to self and the transcendent.

Stil could be a place, a consciousness, a tool, an order where we hold together our varying practices. Almost like one of the apps (minus the competitive edge) where one builds community around the stories of your training for fun, support, sustainability and ultimately at-one-ment.

Aren’t we athletes?



Smart writing

Is julle bewus van www.spiritualityandpractice.com – Resources for spiritual journeys? Dit is ‘n aanlyn learning community bestuur deur Frederic en Mary Ann Brussat. Ek sien Fr Thomas Keating bied ‘n “Lent” kursus aan: The Grace of Lent: Foundations for Contemplative Living with Fr. Thomas Keating Kyk bietjie, baie ryk aanbieding. Kleine Weg kan dalk iets soortgelyk word – selfs in samewerking met die Sentrum Carel, Jp…sonder om karakter as die stil spilpunt prys te gee?

Wat my veral vanoggend geraak het is Spirituality and Practice se uittreksel uit Thomas Merton se boek Seasons of Celebration. Merton lê die klem op die bevryding wat in “Lent” of die Lydingstyd geborge is – dat liefde lig is.

“An Excerpt from Seasons of Celebration by Thomas Merton

Here is a collection of addresses and essays on the seasons of the Church year. This excerpt focuses on the practice of love during Lent.

‘It is necessary that at the beginning of this fast, the Lord should show Himself to us in His mercy. The purpose of Lent is not only expiation, to satisfy the divine justice, but above all a preparation to rejoice in His love. And this preparation consists in receiving the gift of His mercy — a gift which we receive in so far as we open our hearts to it, casting out what cannot remain in the same room with mercy.

Now one of the things we must cast out first of all is fear. Fear narrows the little entrance of our heart. It shrinks up our capacity to love. It freezes up our power to give ourselves. If we were terrified of God as an inexorable judge, we would not confidently await His mercy, or approach Him trustfully in prayer. Our peace, our joy in Lent are a guarantee of grace.

In laying upon us the light cross of ashes, the Church desires to take off our shoulders all other heavy burdens — the crushing load of worry and obsessive guilt, the dead weight of our own self-love. We should not take upon ourselves a ‘burden’ of penance and stagger into Lent as if we were Atlas, carrying the whole world on his shoulders.

Perhaps there is a small likelihood of our doing so. But in any case, penance is conceived by the Church less as a burden than as a liberation. It is only a burden to those who take it up unwillingly. Love makes it light and happy. And that is another reason why Ash Wednesday is filled with the lightness of love.’ ”

Nou ja, alhoewel ek gister onderneem het om koffie vir “Lent” op te gee het ek gisteraand goeie Whiskey geniet en vanoggend…het ek koffie nodig om goed wakker te voel. My tweede koppie was baie smaaklik met room. Ek probeer vandag weer.